Teacher Resource Exchange
Sites for Teachers Hundreds of sites for teachers by subject area
EPN Educational Podcast Network
Class Tools allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams
Slide Finder Search for PowerPoint slides with key terms. Also displays entire presentations if you should choose.
Number Quotes input a number and the site provides comparable data (“Last year our industry changed by 50 billion dollars – that’s the GDP of Serbia.”)

Graphic Organizers

Online Graphic Organizer Templates FREE! (also has worksheets, games, journal topics, quote posters, teacher forms, certificates)

Collaborate with another teacher/student from - anywhere.....

Epals connect with classes and students from around the world
Taking it Global youth interested in global issues, classes can collaborate on projects and project development
Skype with other Classrooms ideas for using Skype with other classes and where to find connections

Virtual Field Trips:

Vicki Blackwell's List links to virtual field trips for multiple disciplines

Powerpoints/Keynotes/Slideshows to Use:

World of Teaching

Random Team Generator:

Team Maker copy and paste lists of names, customize how many teams and size of teams -- poof - teams are created.

Grants/$ Requests:

Donors Choose Submit your classroom project idea for which you need funding and people can log in and give whatever amount they choose.

Trivia Resources:

Knowledge Master
Questions Unlimited
Jeopardy Archive

Additional Reading on Web 2.0

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