New Federal Guidelines on Internet Safety released 12/15/09: Net Cetera

Attorney General Tom Corbett's website named "Operation Safe Search" provides information for educators and parents about keeping children safe from online predators. Also, the website provides information about Cyber Bulling, which is an online version of traditional bullying, and various other resources to help keep kids safe online. With the ever increasing use of the Internet in our children's daily lives both at school and home, it is important that they understand how to safely conduct their behavior online. Attorney General Corbett's website provides the means of obtaining curriculum and resources for educators that are geared to different age groups.

Curriculum Resources for Internet Safety:

Infinite Learning Lab - Internet Safety with Garfield
Net Safe - Cyber Safety
iSafe Curriculum
ikeepsafe site
US DOJ site
Trackstar: Be Safe & Smart on the Internet
Internet Safety Wiki
Kim Worrell's delicious Internet Safety bookmarks
Internet Safety Slideshares
Web Wise Kids
Internet Safety wiki from Colorado
eSchool's Report on Internet Safety
Internet Safety - Copyright
Criminal Justice
Internet Safety Information
McGruff Safety Games
Internet Safety Curriculum by Grade
MSNBC - To catch a predator
Cybersmart Curriculum
FBI Internet Safety Tips
Family Online Safety Institute
Safe Kids Rules for Online Safety (preteen)
Pete's Power Point Station
Edutopia Netiquette Guidelines
180 Technology Tips
Verizon Internet Safety Links
The Teacher Tap - resources for librarians

School Resources:
Technology Skills Development Matrix
TRAILS (Tools for assessing info. lit. skills)

Resources For Parents and Students:

Safety tips for Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube:
Yahoo! Safely:
Yahoo Safely Handout:
Connect Safely:
Recommended privacy settings for young teens -- and their parents:
LG Wants Teens to "Give it A Ponder" Before Texting:
Cross-Generational Dialogue on the Ethics of Digital Life:
Facebook and MySpace Enhance the Positive Relationships Kids Already Have:
Protecting Your Family on Mobile Phones:
Tips for Using Facebook with Youth:
Get Game Smart:
Anti-Bullying Resources for Parents and Teachers:
ADL Cyber-Safety Curriculum:
Media Awareness:
MySpace Safety for Parents & Teachers:
Social Safety:
Yahoo! Kids Online Safety for Parents:
Social Networking Safety Tips for Parents & Educators:
Study Debunks Sexual Predator Myths:
Text Messaging Safety Tips for Parents & Educators:
NetFamilyNews: Online Safety:
Social Networking 101 for Parents (Video):
Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens are Really Doing Online (Book):
Totally Wired Discussion Guide: