How to Access Edline

Here are the written directions on how to access your Edline Account.
external image pdf.png How to Access Edline on your School Computer.pdf

How to Navigate your Edline Page

The Basic Navigation Template can be found in the file below.
external image pdf.png The Edline Navigation Tabs.pdf

How to Access your Class Pages.

The directions for Accessing your classes in Edline are below.
external image pdf.png Edline Accessing Class.pdf

How to Add Items to your Edline Classes.

The directions for adding items to your classes in Edline are located below.
external image pdf.png How to add items to Edline Classes.pdf

----Using Your Edline File Locker

----These directions will show you how to open files from your Edline Locker.
----external image pdf.png How to Access your File Folder on Edline.pdf

----Download GradeQuick Plugin

----Here are the directions for downloading the GradeQuick Plugin onto your computer.
----external image pdf.png How to download the Gradequick Plug in.pdf

----Video Tutorials

----Link to Edline and Gradequick Introductory video tutorial

----Edline only works if you enable cookies on your computer. This short video shows you how to do this.